Zippers fail for a variety of reasons. If the teeth separate after being ripped up, then the zipper slider is probably worn out and needs to be replaced. If the zipper is pulled on too hard, it can come off track and no longer align the teeth properly. Sometimes the slider comes off all together. In each of these scarios, the FixnZip replacement slider will take care of the problem. 

FixnZip is available in Small, Medium and Large sizes. Medium is the commonly purchased size FixnZip slider, though zipper sizes do vary. For more information in identifying your zipper size, visit our instructions page here.

Differences between Nickel and Black Nickel are only cosmetic. Both are cast zinc and nickel plated. 

Please visit our instructions page here, or for instructional videos click here. .
Sometimes the zipper teeth or coils need help getting started. Try squeezing the teeth together behind the zipper slider with your index finger and thumb as you pull the zipper slider. For video instructions click here.

Most of the time, the FixnZip will work if teeth are missing on a plastic or metal zipper. While the FixnZip does not replace the missing zipper teeth, it does realign the surrounding teeth, making the zipper functional again. 

If the zipper is a nylon coil zipper and the coils have come under, the FixnZip most likely will not function properly. 

Yes. We sell a zipper pull accessory pack on our online store. You can use them as additional pulls for the FixnZip or as replacement zipper pulls for a regular zipper slider that’s missing the pull.

FixnZip sliders can be purchased online in our store, or through one of our local retailers.

We ship throughout Australia and postage is free.